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Scottsdale, AZ

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Hi, I'm Kate!
Creativity, writing, and art are my passions, and I have been obsessed with the English language since before I learned how to read. I went to an all-girls private high school, where I graduated with a 4.5 GPA and lots of scholarship offers, which is important when you're a girl on a budget! I can help you pass that AP Lit exam, or edit your college essay, or brainstorm ideas for your screenplay. I received my BA from ASU in filmmaking practices, where I spent all four years directing a sketch comedy troupe that wrote and performed original shows every week. As the director, my responsibility was to help my peers form, write, and edit their ideas to ultimately produce one cohesive, and hopefully funny show. I also volunteered at Desert West charter school where I helped teach English and comprehension skills to underprivileged and often times bilingual students.

Listen, I am one of those gals who insist on spelling out every word in a text message (laugh out loud), and am crusading that this next generation of young writers, and leaders, and artists, and athletes do the same—to be thoughtful and articulate and vibrant in everything they strive to achieve. And I know that's a run-on sentence, but once you know the rules, I think it's kosher to break them once in a while, for the sake of creativity.

I also canNOT get enough of life, so I take flying trapeze classes. I'm not your average tutor.


B.A. Filmmaking Practices, Barrett at ASU

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Writing, ACT English, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spanish, U.S. History, World History, College Counseling

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