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Hello. I am Kisung Yoon, and I am a senior in high school. I am currently in the ARISTA Honor Society, and I have tutored my fellow students from my school in Algebra I, Algebra 2, Global History, US History, and Biology. Not only that, I also tutored my younger sisters on the standardized tests mainly in math(cc).Due to my personal experiences, I am able to teach kids in grades 3-6(CC). I do prefer to work at home as well as online tutoring to help our children to grow as smarter and to grow more knowledgeable students to be able to apply the concepts into other parts of school subjects, but more importantly, they will be able to apply logical reasoning and memorization as well as other aspects of being ready to deal with real-life situations.


All Highschool Required

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, U.S. History, World History, Elementary Math (K-6th)

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30 Tutorials by Kisung Y

Progressive Era

Even though Theodore Roosevelt was the “trustbuster”, his two successors, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson had dealt with the same issue of trusts and monopolies.

Middle Ages-Causes and Effects of the Crusades

There are causes and effects of the events for to have an impact in history whether they are significant or insignificant.

Unit Circle

A unit circle is a circle with the radius of 1. A unit circle has radians, degrees, and coordinates.

Prime Factorization

Prime factorization is factoring out a number of its prime factors. A primary number is a number times by 1 and itself. A composite number has more than two factors. 1 can not be a prime factor since it only has one factor, which is only 1. For example: 12=2*2*3 28=2*2*7 18=2*3*3

Quadratic-Linear Equations

When we do quadratic-linear equations, it is the same as systems of linear equations. We have to apply the same principle of substituting y or x, depending on the linear equation itself. We can do without substituting and rather treat the equations as equations to be done algebraically. We have to find the intersecting coordinates…

AP US History

Some presidents have scandals on them that can tarnish the presidency in more ways than one.


In terms of the difficulty of between cell biology and ecology on the Living Environment Regents, generally, ecology questions are easier. There is energy , transferred, and stored, and it is important to know this to understand about how the biotic factors interact. There are energy pyramids, food chains, and even more complex, food webs.

Find the X

An equation is given below. 4(x-7)= 0.3(x+2) +2.11

Radians into Degrees

Most Algebra 2 Common Core Regents will have questions from the original Algebra 2 Regents exams, so it is beneficial to review them as well. One of the topics has to deal with radian measures.

Systems of Equations

2x+4y=10 x+y=3