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I am an aspiring editor with over a year of professional experience, and a fierce passion for the English language that radiates in my life. I am dedicating my life to reviewing and improving written text. It was for this reason that I applied to be a tutor at the university I attended. I worked as a basic tutor for the Writing Center at Brigham Young University–Idaho during my last semester there where I studied the workbook and completed the basic tutor training. Because BYU–Idaho is a diverse school, I tutored a variety of students with needs ranging from brainstorming to proofreading to comprehension of a text.
My education has provided many opportunities to develop as a writer for different audiences and different mediums. With an emphasis in professional writing, I have experience with many electronic tools such as the Adobe creative suite, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office. My academic background and tutoring experience make me a valuable asset to tutoring students in need.


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Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia

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Five Things Every Grammarian Knows by Heart (part one)

Unlike most languages, which have relatively respectable grammars, English does not. English is a mutt. With its Germanic origins and Latin and Greek influences, English is not, by any means, grammatically harmonious. English doesn’t follow a single set of grammatical patterns. And a rule with exceptions is not really a rule. It is, however, an…