Aaron L

Seattle, WA

STEM Expert With 8+ Yrs Experience



I'm just about done with my dissertation in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Princeton, and have relocated to Seattle. In my research I work on technology for space telescopes that will one day enable scientists to take images of planets in our neighboring solar systems.

I've been teaching in a variety of settings for over 8 years, primarily middle-school, high-school, and college students, but some elementary-aged kids and adults too. I use math and physics at an advanced level on a regular basis. Ever wonder, "When or where am I going to use this?" I can give you the honest answer, and I believe that it's a really important thing to know if you're going to fully invest in—and get the most from—your education in STEM disciplines.

My aim is to help you succeed in your respective goals, whether it is by helping you with homework, preparing for your next big exam, supplementing your studies, or challenging you to work ahead!

James W. (11th grade): "Aaron is an amazing tutor that has made a huge difference in my studies. Not only is he very intelligent and deeply knowledgeable about the mathematical topics we have covered, but he is also a great teacher and communicator! He is more than capable of diving deep into topics and giving thorough explanations that will leave you in full understanding of the topic. Aaron is able to keep me actively engaged during the lesson and always makes topics interesting. I highly recommend him!"


PhD Candidate, Engineering, Princeton; BSc, Math, Applied Physics, Univ. of Wisconsin—River Falls; MA, Mechanical + Aerospace Engineering, Princeton

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Math, ACT Math, GRE Math, GMAT Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Physical Science, Pre-Calculus, College Counseling, Career Counseling

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