Luis F

Watchung, NJ

Academic Mentor



I train individuals in meeting their academic and career goals by providing a teaching environment through the highest quality of elementary, theoretical, practical, and professional instruction. Supporting academic organizations in maintaining a successful, efficient, and ethical operation within the community.
I am a Rutgers University graduate who provides individualized instruction to university or professional communities. I am a proficient academic writer who enjoys giving feedback to other writers, especially on wide issues such as formulating an argument and organizing ideas. I contribute to student's academic experience in substantial and meaningful ways. I can guide students in refining reasoning skills and writing skills.


BA, Rutgers University

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Reading, ACT English, SSAT, PSAT, GRE Verbal, GMAT Verbal, U.S. History, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spanish, French, World History, Elementary Reading (K-6th), Elementary Writing (K-6th), MCAT, LSAT, College Counseling, Career Counseling, GED

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20 Tutorials by Luis F

Once Upon A Classic

The modern form of entertainment boasts a canvas of technological options. Decades ago, the medium of choice was the impromptu and improvisational storytelling milieu, in all its pomp and circumstance, set amidst nature or the proverbial town square.

Being In The Element

The most memorable people are generally those who possess a unique ability or those who indelibly mark a point in time into an unforgettable moment merely by saying or by doing something extraordinary.

Dilemma In Denmark

The Biblical character of Goliath emanated from one of five city states of the Philistines and is described as a giant Philistine warrior who was defeated by an undaunted opponent. According to the Book of Samuel: David, the future king of the ancient Israelites, felled Goliath in one strike. The significance of this battle has…

A Journey On The HMS Bounty

The English navigator Henry Hudson, set out to discover a northwest passage through the Arctic Circle to Asia. His crew became disillusioned with the New York based voyage and cast Hudson away as they commandeered the ship as their own. In 1611, the English captain was left abandoned to fend for his survival and was…

A Recital Of Tales

The ancient civilization of Egypt believed that the pharaoh’s body could be preserved after death, allowing the pharaoh to live for an indefinite period of time. The tomb of the pharaoh was situated in a labyrinth underneath a massive stone structure that pierced the sky in order to mark the journey into the afterlife. This…

Getting On The Same Page

How many times have you wondered, I will never be able to pass this course? Or perhaps, Why are those students always on top of their game in school, while I struggle on a daily basis? Once, twice, seldom?

A Novel Idea

H. G. Wells is one of the early pioneers of the time travel phenomenon. The notion that humans can move forward into the future or move backward into the past by using a vehicle or other stationary equipment. Since the publication of his 1895 book, The Time Machine, several films have been produced that further…

Transcending Screenplay

Most literary works rely on layered interpretation of plot, character, or setting to develop the story line. In the realm of science fiction, the matter can conceivably take on a more pronounced and intricate structure of reasoning, due in part, to the underpinning of science or merely by the creative stream of the author.

The Currency Of Knowledge

The first of many benefits of staying in school is having the grades to qualify you for a full scholarship to the best universities in the land. A degree can open doors to career paths and social circles not otherwise possible. In all, the right frame of mind, sheer will and determination, can lead to…

The Plot And The Playwright

At the behest of a captive audience, the playwright must contend with the demands of entertainment and curiosity, a crowd in awe must be fed line; if not, circumstance.