Patrick M

Chester, CT

English - Writing, Comprehension. Biology/Anatomy & Physiology; Landscape Architecture; Horticulture; Yoga/Meditation



My approach to education, and by extension, tutoring, focuses on the accumulation of knowledge primarily as a skill, rather than building on an innate characteristic of the person. One’s ability a take in, process and synthesize information depends largely on the quantity and well as quality of information presented with patience, structure and compassion to the student. In this light, effective education as a general proposition considers not only the specific information or lesson imparted, but also, in equal measure, how the educational process can help prepare a person’s mind for a lifetime of learning.

Often, the determining factor in realizing one’s educational goals is the ability of the student to maintain his or her motivation throughout all aspects of the process. Much of this motivation must come from the students themselves and the support they receive from their families and friends. As a teacher, I provide a structured learning environment characterized by clear and distinct lessons and learning outcomes. At times and depending on the subject matter, lessons can emphasize real-world applications where students can practice making necessary “mistakes” that encourage greater motivation and engagement with the subject rather than triggering feelings of self-consciousness.


B.A. English (Georgetown); Juris Doctor (JD) (Georgetown); MFA (UC Berkeley)

Subjects of Expertise

Biology, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, College Counseling

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