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Brooklyn, NY

Reading And Writing Instructor



am a writer and educator living in Brooklyn, New York, with over ten years’ experience teaching remedial and developmental reading and writing to students of all ages, including second-language learners.
I hold a Master’s degree in education, with a concentration in literacy, and teach all core English standards and processes.

Writing instructions focus on expository fundamentals, as well as descriptive, narrative, creative, and creative non-fiction, incorporating the correct use of grammar and sentence structure, all the while, encouraging students to reason and reflect logically, analytically, introspectively—and from the heart.

Reading lessons concentrate on close reading strategies, along with deep, thoughtful discussion, enabling students to understand crucial ideas and essential supporting details.

My background has provided me with an inside view into how students’ challenges may result in a struggle to read and write actively, concisely, and reasonably, in order to succeed in their courses.

Overall, the heart of successful teaching, as I see it, involves fostering a sense of pride in students’ accomplishments, which evolves through promoting a positive learning environment, while recognizing academic challenges and educational deficiencies.

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M.S. Ed. education/special education

Subjects of Expertise

Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Elementary Reading (K-6th)

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