Michael M

Easton, MA

Physics, Math And Chemistry Tutor



I am currently finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at Stonehill College with an anticipated graduation of May 2017. In addition to this, I have a concentration in Astrophysics as well as a minor in Mathematics. Honors at Stonehill College include five semesters on the Dean’s List as well as acceptance into the coveted Student Undergraduate Research Experience or S.U.R.E.
Under the supervision of David Simon, PhD, I have conducted research on two previous
occasions. The first summer included work on making twisted light immune to atmospheric turbulence during propagation. The second summer in S.U.R.E. included work on polarization-dependent phase measurements with Bessel beam superpositions which is slated for publication by summer of 2017. All of the computer programming and models for the two research projects were completed using MATLAB as well as numerical methods.
Most recently, my responsibilities as a private tutor and teacher’s assistant at Stonehill College are unmatched. As the tutor, my responsibilities include verbally communicating with students on challenging topics in physics and calculus. Due to the varying levels of knowledge on the subject, sometimes it can be difficult to take a complex topic and break it down so all students can understand. I find this need for creativity for each unique situation very enjoyable. This can be used proactively when I, myself, am learning new information or developing new algorithms for phase detection.
Additionally, I have completed the necessary requirements for CRLA certification level I for physics and mathematics tutoring.
Additionally, for the second year, I was re-elected Engineering Club President at Stonehill
College. With this title and leadership role, I design and run meetings with the other club members in order to achieve a deeper understand of the material covered in class. Additionally, I’ve led group projects such as building hydrolytic generators and wind turbines.


BS in Astrophysics, Minor Mathematics, Stonehill College

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Pre-Calculus

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