Miranda H

Seattle, WA

Experienced Writing Teacher/Tutor/Former English Professor



Hi! I'm Miranda. I'm an experienced professional writer and editor with an M.A. in English, a Certificate in Teaching College Writing, a Professional Editing Certificate, and multiple certificates in Business Writing. I have 10+ years of experience teaching college-level writing courses both in the classroom and online. I've also worked as a writing tutor/coach/consultant and as a Faculty Writing Mentor.

All of my teaching and tutoring experience, whether in the classroom or online, has involved one-on-one work with students, either guiding them through the writing process from beginning to end or helping them to revise what they've already written.

When working one-on-one, I guide students through their papers or other writing assignments, not only offering my knowledge and assistance in planning, crafting, and writing the work, but also providing students with actionable steps, making sure that students know exactly *why* their writing will benefit from specific additions, changes, and edits, and *how* these modifications can best be made, with the intent to help students develop or further enhance their own abilities as writers and as editors of their own writing.

That's my goal: to help you not only with a specific assignment (although that's definitely a big part of it!) but also to become a better writer and editor, one who knows not only where your writing needs work but why it does and how to improve it in easy, intuitive steps.

I'm friendly, patient, fun, and will both help you with your immediate need and provide you with tips, advice, and actionable steps that will help you grow as a writer, making your future writing work easier, less stressful, and maybe even fun. ☺️

I'm currently available to to teach online lessons to students 18 years or older (we can work together on academic writing, business writing, or any other writing you need assistance with). Get in touch today to schedule a lesson- I'd love to work with you.


M.A. in English Langage & Literature and a Certificate in Teaching College Writing

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT English, GRE Verbal, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, TEFL, Elementary Writing (K-6th)

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