Alon M

Oakville, ON, Canada

Math & English In-Home Teacher



I am a mature, talented, outgoing, teacher, coach and mentor specializing in relating to and inspiring teens.

While I have direct classroom teaching and tutoring experience, the bulk of my career (1998-2015) had been dedicated to a variety of roles in both the property and casualty insurance and in the banking industries. My experience includes risk assessment, selection and mitigation, corporate training, and business analysis. Unlike many lifelong educators, I have direct recent experience in the Toronto business sector. I have found this to be invaluable upon my return to education; my students benefit from this experience whether it be when discussing career options, corporate culture or in my ability to improve their writing and language skills.

Notable skills in which I excel at developing in students include: Communication including writing, editing, presentation and active listening, persuasiveness, reading, critical thinking, analytical, research, teamwork, learning (studying), leadership, dependability and responsibility, organizational, time management, computational, algebraic and numerical, financial literacy, test taking, resume writing, interview preparation (job or academic), resilience, interpersonal (social), and running (various race distances).

I perform many roles with my students. At times, I am a role model, an empathetic listener, a problem solver employing varying explanations to suit various learning styles, a coach talented at improving language, writing and public speaking skills, an explorer successful at instilling a natural curiosity about life and the world around them, a mentor and a motivator.

I am an athlete with special skills as a runner and tennis player. This year, I have run my first races at the half marathon, five kilometre and marathon distances respectively. I run almost every day twelve months a year. I am exceptionally active, fit, and energetic. I vibe well with high-performance athletes. I have a unique understanding of the athlete's soul and thus am proficient at helping athletes excel academically.

As well as being an athlete, I have direct life experience coping with issues dealing with anxiety, depression and ADHD. In learning how to manage social, mental and life challenges, I understand how to help others develop resilience. I am adept at working with young people who are coping with learning disabilities and those battling mental health challenges such as General Anxiety Disorder, Depression and ADHD. Being uniquely able to relate to these students because of our shared experiences and just as importantly having the skills and training to bring out their best academic levels, I feel that my most impactful contribution is in playing a role in giving young people permission to reach for their passions and believe they can succeed.

I am especially talented and passionate about developing critical thinking (logical reasoning) skills and financial literacy skills in students. It is my belief that there is not a more important skill to instill in a citizen than being able to discern what is real and what is imaginary. A vibrant and healthy democracy can only be safeguarded with citizens who can reason and have the skill of thinking for oneself. Helping to develop a student's aptitude for deciphering arguments based on facts and the scientific method from statements laced with a small amount of truth but that are ultimately deceptive brings me great joy. One’s ability to use reason and to test claims is a critical core life skill that I incorporate into my work with each student.

Another critical lifelong skill that is close to my heart and particularly useful is developing wise money habits and being financially literate. Number sense and skills that help individuals learn to manage their money, budget, complete a Canadian tax return, pay bills, understand credit and credit reporting and make wise and informed financial decisions is an area of expertise I possess that I love sharing. I have coached many individuals to help them develop the skills they need to be financially successful, manage and limit debt and live a life where their finances don’t cause them immense levels of stress. Should you wish me to work in this area with your child, I can design a program based on your needs.

If you are a parent of a young person who is an athlete or who faces challenges relating to social, learning or mental health issues or you simply want to pair your child with a tutor and mentor with significant experience outside of the realm of education, I am confidant I can improve both your child's academic performance and likely play a role in igniting an undiscovered passion.

I typically work one on one with students aged 10 and up who live in Oakville or Mississauga.

I am an Accredited Ontario Teacher with significant teaching and tutoring experience in Mathematics, English, Social Sciences, and Business Studies.

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education teacher’s college program.

My Process

I arrange a phone call (or Skype call) to talk about your specific situation. You share your child’s learning profile and experiences as well as their academic needs. This discussion helps us find out whether or not your child and I are a good fit. Experience has taught me that a student has to vibe with his/her tutor before he/she can meet goals such as academic improvement.

I look forward to your message.


Honours B.A. & B. of Education

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, World History, ADD/ADHD, College Counseling, Career Counseling

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