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Hi, My name is Kali. I am a language tutor/enthusiast in the Greater Pittsburgh area. I love language, and helping others utilize it to help them reach success is a priority and a love of mine.

My approach is to utilize my students’ skills and apply principles from concepts he may already grasp well. My student’s individual learning style is important to me; carefully gauging the level of challenge my student needs is a priority. I believe building material around my students' existing skills and adapting to their minds will build confidence and help them surpass their academic goals.

As a native English speaker, I am well-equipped to assist you with the English language. I can help you with reading, writing, spelling, essays, homework help, pronunciation, English as a second language and proofreading/copy/editing.

I also teach the Russian language. After studying it for 10 years, I have two years’ experience teaching other subjects in Russian and have recently begun to teach the actual language. I would be a good fit for help in your Russian literature class, Russian speakers seeking to learn English, or professionals seeking to learn one of the most commonly used languages in international business.


High School Diploma, Public Speaking Education (13 years), Russian Language Study (10 years)

Subjects of Expertise

Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spanish, Russian, TEFL

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