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Fort Collins, CO

Science, Math, And ACT Tutor



I have a master's in teaching and a PhD in biology! I was a high school science teacher for two years and I have also taught college courses. I tutor biology, chemistry, physics, math, English, ACT, SAT, and GRE. I connect the topics to the real world and I love working with students of all ages! Aside from being a bit of a science nerd, I also enjoy hiking, sewing, photography, and cooking.


PhD Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT English, ACT Science, GRE Math, GRE Verbal, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, College Counseling, Career Counseling

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Prove the Pythagorean Identity sin^2(θ) + cos^2(θ) = 1

There are three Pythagorean Identities, and you can get from one to the other with a little algebra magic. One of these identities is: sin^2(θ) + cos^2(θ) = 1. But how do we know that adding “sine of theta squared” plus “cosine of theta squared” truly equals one? (Fyi, sin^2(θ) is the same thing as…