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Madbury, NH

Writing Expert, Published Poet



As a creative writer with published poems and short nonfiction I embolden students' innovation in their critiques of literature. Throughout my career my specialization in writing has insured students’ achievements in College and AP Composition as well as IB Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essays. Much of my teaching in China has been of ESL subjects. Chinese students in my classes scored highly on the IELTS speaking test. Similarly, Chinese students I taught excelled on IB English B assessments.

From 2011 until 2016 I taught and advised at international secondary programs in China. Completion of four online graduate programs while in China advanced my proficiency with educational technologies and discernment of curricular requirements. I recently earned a Master of Science degree in Academic Advising and heightened my acumen with educational policies and regulations; the program enhanced my aptitudes with developmental and learning theories. As a teacher I have utilized content from multidisciplinary studies of the global environment to facilitate students’ acquisition of broad knowledge bases. At first dismissive, administrators in Rui’an soon appreciated the addition of U.S. History to their international high school program’s curriculum; undergraduate honors studies of civilizations from Sumer to the present that strengthened my advocacy for the course also aided its successful implementation. Evocative of revisualizations of the cultural confluences in international education, literary pursuits prompted my exploration of China’s universities between 2006 and 2009.

Career preparation in three undergraduate posts aided my adaptation to the conditions I encountered at public and private educational institutions throughout China. Cooperation with colleagues and personal consultations with students have proven vital to my success as an educator. Engagement with communities beyond work brought me greater comprehension of and appreciation for the economic and social situations of the individuals and communities education should serve. Narrative advising of a wealthy Chinese high school student in Shanghai stirred his interest in how his family’s entitlements influenced his perception of those less fortunate. Encouraged, the student walked through low-income areas I frequented and subsequently he volunteered to assist the poor with household chores and raise money for scholarships. At U.S. universities I found special fulfillment in my work with traditionally underserved groups; the zeal an urban mother and rural youth contributed to discussions inspired me. Diversity among students enriched my classrooms and enhanced my teaching.


M.S. Academic Advising, SpcCert College Cunseling, PgCert Global Environment, B.A. English

Subjects of Expertise

U.S. History, Writing, Reading, TEFL, World History, College Counseling, Career Counseling

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