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Hello, I'm Kristen Moore, an 18 year old senior in Highschool who has had an array of classes including, but not limited to, AP Biology, AP Chemestry, AP English I-IV AP Algebra I (Not my strongest subject), Algebra II (Not my strong subject), AP Geometry, AP World Geography, AP World History, AP US History, Economics, Art I, Drawing II, AP Drawing III, and some AP Drawing IV, Forensic Science, Law Enforcement I and II, and AP Latin I and II. I'm involved in sports, and know how to work around things like that, I'm patient, and have helped my younger sister with many subjects in the past. My schedule will be closing to Friday-Sunday every week from having all week free, But I'm generally open from five thirty to about nine every night I have off from sports and LE. I enjoy the company of others, and try to find simple and easy ways to explain subjects


High School Senior currently

Subjects of Expertise

Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, U.S. History, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary, World History

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