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I'm a college student attending Umass Lowell for robotics and engineering from Manchester, NH. I want to spend my summer helping other students out in math (especially calculus), science, and writing, my three best subjects, so that I can keep those subjects in mind for my sophomore year. I've had about 2 years experience in unpaid tutoring for my peers, so I believe I am qualified for the job.


Attending Robotics and Mechanical Engineering Student, UMass Lowell

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Physics, Physical Science, Writing, Pre-Calculus

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Basic Derivatives and the Limit Definition

Calculus is said to be the mathematics of derivation, so to understand Calculus, we must first understand derivatives. So, what is a derivative? A derivative is a function that equals the rate of change (slope) at any point of any base function (a function used to find f(x)), even curved functions, in the form of…

The Chain Rule

How do we differentiate F(x)=Tan(2x-4)? This function is the composite FoG of two functions F (u)=Tan u and u=2x-4 that we know how to differentiate. The Chain rule states that the correct answer to F(x) is derived by multiplying the derivatives of F and G.