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West Hartford, CT

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Hi! My name is Nicholas, or Nic (it's up to you, whichever you prefer!).

I am a second year student at Columbia University currently studying Japanese and Mandarin Chinese languages. I graduated from Hall High School in West Hartford in 2016.
I've grown up watching my parents teach, and always loved the idea of getting to teach one day myself - and I have always enjoyed learning myself. Learning has always made me so excited, and as I've gotten older and had more opportunities to teach myself (as a Teaching Assistant for two teachers at Hall, the head of Art Club there, and as a specialist with an ESL program on my school's campus called community impact), I have found that I get super excited about helping others learn too! If I have the pleasure of getting to meet and work with you, I greatly look forward both to what I can help you learn, and what you will even teach me!
I am enthusiastic, open to finding whatever method of help works best for any student, and will gladly help in any way I can regardless of the subject matter. I excelled in language study (French and Japanese mostly, but I can do some elementary Mandarin Chinese too!), and I am an accomplished student in other Language Arts, Mathematics, Histories, and Natural Sciences. In my experience, getting to know not just a student's strengths and weaker points in a subject, but also what that student wants to know, what they find enjoyable, and what way of learning makes it easier and more fun to do so, all become key parts of ensuring the student is comfortable and successful. Everyone has their own style of learning, and one of the great things about being in school and getting the chance to teach here and there is always working with new people to match styles, preferences, and abilities.

Anyway, here is some quick information about me for everyone's sake of easy reading and finding:

- High school diploma, cumulative GPA of 4.32/4.00
- currently enrolled in Columbia College at Columbia University

- TA (teaching assistant) for both a French course and a Mandarin Chinese course
- Head of Art Club in high school
- Currently working with ESL program based out of Columbia
- completed AP course work with A average in: Biology, American Government, US History, Chemistry, French, Chinese, Economics, Calculus
- maintained B+ - A+ average in: English coursework, Earth Science, Modern World History, Algebra
- super motivated and excited to learn and teach
- friendly and outgoing

Subjects (tutorable range):
- French language (beginner to mid-intermediate)
- Japanese language (beginner to low-intermediate)
- Mandarin Chinese language (beginner to high-elementary)
- American History (early colonial to post-WWII 20th century)
- Modern World History (basic high school Euro-centric political and social history)
- Economics (basic macro- and micro-economics)
- English (primarily ESL, but also basic language arts including grammar and writing techniques)
- Earth / Environmental Science
- Biology (micro- and macro-biology)
- Chemistry (basic high school chemistry)
- Algebra (pre-algebra through Algebra II)
- Calculus (pre-calculus and first /second semester Calculus)
- Drawing (form, composition)


High school diploma William Hall High School; current student at Columbia University in the City of New York

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, French, Chinese, Japanese, TEFL, Pre-Calculus, U.S. History, World History

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