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I obtained my undergraduate degree in mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Along with my math courses I took a number of courses in physics and mechanical engineering. After receiving my undergraduate degree I continued into a Master’s program and take 500 level courses in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics.
My experience in tutoring began in high school when several professors asked for my help with several students who were having difficulty with trigonometry and algebra. I later applied my skills to helping student in college. The following is an example of one approach with a student who took a course in Intro to Statistics. The student was carrying a D minus. She considered dropping the course three weeks short of the finals. Speaking with her I came to realize out that she was trying to memorize the material and not working out the concepts by doing the example problems. Because of her approach she was not able to apply the concepts to more advanced material given in the midterm and tests.
We started by reviewing the fundamentals. I made sure she could explain them to me in detail and not simply rewrite the formulas on paper. By having her do examples and redo parts of her homework, she was able to gain confidence. Once I felt she was sufficiently prepared I had her do a mock midterm within an allotted time period. Afterwards we went over the material and I had her explain her method in solving each of the problems. It was a lengthy process that took 2-1/2 weeks, but she was able to finish the course with a B.
I have tutored students in physics and found that the secret was to do every example in the chapter before attempting to do the homework. Before working on the harder problems I would have them work on the easier ones beyond those given in the homework. While the students were working on the material I would either throw in diagrams, or have them draw diagrams and explain to me what the diagram meant and break it down. The beauty with free body diagrams it allowed student to wrap his/her head around an abstract concept.
I also tutored MATLAB. I have around 8 years of working with the software. (I am currently learning other programming languages). I make it a policy to never touch another student's code, doing so takes away from the learning process. I would have them write several lines of code to test their knowledge. Sometimes, I would have the student run code encrypted with bugs and have them fix the program. Once I feel the student has acquired a good understanding, they were usually able to tackle more complex material.


B.S. Mathematics Umass Lowell

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Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, Physical Science, Pre-Calculus

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