Rachel Z

Washington, DC

Biology And Chemistry Expert



I have a background in biotechnology and cancer research, I have taught students of various ages biology and chemistry courses and believe my skills would provide an excellent foundation to help students master the art of STEM. I worked as an educational tour guide at a museum called the Seacoast Science Center, teaching students aged 5-18 about evolutionary and conservation biology. I have taught over two years of both molecular chemistry and nutritional chemistry lab courses to undergraduate students at American University; lab courses would involve setting up the lab, lecturing students, working with students to grasp material, troubleshooting through complicated methods and I would serve as an overall guide to students learning environment.

I also worked with a program that helped improve STEM in various DC schools, I would work with both teachers and students to ensure that science teaching methods would successfully convey information to students. I observed teachers and students, and then would actively pursue new teaching methods to help students learn better. I also worked as a science teacher at the Ideal Charter School in DC and helped students prepare for the DC Science Fair by helping students develop scientific questions, follow through with the scientific method and then analyze information to collaborate with their peers. I believe my background and enthusiastic nature would provide an excellent tutoring environment.


Masters of Science in Biotechnology

Subjects of Expertise

Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Writing, Reading, Elementary Math (K-6th), Elementary Science (K-6th), Elementary Reading (K-6th), Elementary Writing (K-6th), ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, College Counseling, Career Counseling

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