Shina D

Birmingham, AL

Reading Is Fun AND Fundamental!!!



Humbly speaking, reading and math skills are two true keys to living and progressing. Reading in particular can open the gates to ideas, experiences and peoples literally a half world away. In my personal experience, I have used reading to learn about so many different subjects- entertainment, exercise, money, culture, foods... the list is long, and it never stops. Although my educational background is in business, the driver behind all that I know, and all that I am still seeking to know is a strong love (and ability) in reading. In order to have any chance at success with sharing knowledge (tutoring) you have to love the subject. I love reading, and it is my hope that with my tutelage, you will grow to love reading as well. Perhaps one day you can share this skill, this special love, with others as well. "Reading Is Fun And Fundamental!!!"


B.S. in Finance with several courses in English and Literature.

Subjects of Expertise

ACT Reading, GMAT Verbal, Reading, Elementary Reading (K-6th), College Counseling

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