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Somerville, MA

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I've been told by many people that I'm definitely a social person. I really like getting out there and talking to people and getting to know their story. I like to be encouraging and I find joy in helping out the community.

In school, I would often find myself explaining concepts that my peers didn't understand and became very good at taking complicated subjects and making them sound simple. To my friends and peers, I've been a tutor all throughout highschool and college, and when I started working, I became involved in a free tutoring program that I eventually led. I've interacted with many parents and set them up with tutors I could trust. I had one parent who was so happy to have me help her son, that she often brought in dinner during the sessions. With the help of the parents and my extra tutoring, we were able to raise the grades of the student from failing to passing. In the process I felt like a mentor to the student and it was an extremely rewarding process.

I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and about 1 year total of professional tutoring experience in Algebra II/Pre-Calculus. I have multiple years of informal experience helping students with more advanced subjects like Differential Equations, Calculus, Linear Algebra, etc. I worked as a Systems Engineer for 4 years, managing the acquisition of Government systems, where I worked with both engineers and logistics teams to produce in depth mathematical and engineering analyses.

I've needed to understand financial models to plan milestones and make key decisions. Often, I would need to understand both the technical and management side of the program, so I could make recommendations to the Program Manager. As an engineer, you must be aware that many key stakeholders do not have a technical background, so communication and the ability to translate the information into "their language" is a critical skill. I've presented material on our program to top management and high level military officers (i.e. Colonels and Generals) which greatly increased my communication and teaching skills.

I prefer to tutor highschool level students to adults and feel more comfortable with this age range due to my experience. I am better at face-to-face communication so we would be meeting one-on-one in a public place. I can accommodate both a quiet location or one that has some background noise. I usually start with homework questions as a way to gauge understanding of the material and then try to review class notes to reinforce concepts. I am willing to produce my own materials if I feel that the student's lessons are inadequate in understanding key ideas. I like to use visual aids if necessary but I prefer to use examples that the student can relate with. I stay away from complex terminology and writing styles that is often found in textbooks and try to keep it simple so that anyone, no matter the background, could easily grasp the material.

My strongest subjects in school have always been math. In high school I took Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus, and in college, the higher level math courses tested these building blocks. Most of my tutoring experience has been math related and I've helped a number of people who have struggled with these subjects. My friend in college who had a terrible professor and my summary review before our first exam saved his grades. I helped a highschool student who was failing Algebra II get his grades up so he could pass the course. These are just a few examples. I keep things simple and I don't assume anything until I ensure that you understand. Math is a building block subject, so I want to make sure you are progressing in understanding before I move along.

I'm a dedicated person who wants to see others succeed. I am patient and through encouragement and instruction, I promise to do my best in giving you the help that you need to shine.


B.S. Electrical Engineering

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, Pre-Calculus

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