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My past students have had no confidence in math, have been failing their classes, and have feared their dream colleges and dream jobs were out of reach. In the past three years, I've tutored over 50 students who didn't have the confidence they needed, and I have helped them improve on average almost two letter grades.

But don't take it from me. Here are some recent students who didn't think they could do it but realized their full potential, received top scores, and finally felt secure in their abilities.

- - -

Baylee L. (Algebra 2/College Algebra), Perdido Key, FL
I wanted to be ready for college and for math that meant college algebra. I was homeschooled and nervous about a traditional classroom setting, and I also wanted to just understand math better. I knew I was behind in algebra 2/college algebra and needed to accelerate my learning rapidly. So I looked for a tutor who could find out exactly where I was stuck and begin again from there. I also hoped he wouldn't get impatient when I didn't understand something the first few times. And Reid is just that.

And it just so happened we laughed and got along very well from the start. He kept an amazing balance of having fun while learning more math. I don't recall one session where we weren't cracking up about some inside joke. He also cares about more than just doing algebra problems. When I mentioned that I wasn't sure about the requirements for Pensacola State College vs. the University of West Florida, he found the information for me and we looked at them together. His rate seemed high to me at first, until I started the lessons, and now I think he's being modest. He gives you your money's worth for sure, and then some!

I used to love math when I was younger, but in the past few years, I hated it. I didn't know what had changed until I started working with Reid. When I understood math and could do it, I enjoyed it! Thanks to Reid, I was able to understand algebra, and I began to feel like I did when I was younger: I like math again!

There was not just one thing but a combination of a lot of very unique and valuable things that makes Reid different from any tutor/teacher I've ever had. Here are my top 3:
1. He really knew how to listen to me. When I didn't know how to ask a certain question, I would spit out words that probably didn't make sense, and he would somehow decode my question and explain it perfectly. He would even answer my next question before I asked it! Because of that, I learned in a month what would've taken me a semester in any normal school.
2. He came prepared and always made good use of our time. He remembered exactly where we left off the session before, even though he has many students.
3. He cared about my situation and my goals. Every lesson was tailored specifically to me--down to the smallest fraction!--starting from where I was to where I wanted to be.

In conclusion, Reid teaches and asks questions in such a way that they become second nature to you! I recommend Reid to anybody who is looking to cut the learning curve in math and have a great time!

- - -

Emen S. (SAT Math), Gulf Breeze, FL
I needed to get my SAT scores up to be competitive at a prestigious school, and I was worried because I didn't know how to do that by myself. I had heard of Reid from a few people who said how good he was at guiding people, no matter their level, so I thought I'd see if he could teach me some tips for the SAT. We noticed that I would second guess myself and change an answer only to find out that my first answer was the correct one. We practiced on identifying that situation, over and over. In just a couple of months, there was a major change: I built up my confidence in my math skills. When I became more confident, I stopped second guessing myself and trusted my initial, correct answer much more. I began to score above my goal during practice sessions, and on test day, I saw a 140 point improvement and met my goal. Thanks to Reid, I overcame my fear of standardized testing and was able to conquer the math section of the SAT. Seeing how my confidence improved tremendously, I can say that without Reid I wouldn't have gotten the score that I needed and wouldn't be considering the options for college that I now have today.

- - -

Emily G. (Developmental Math) Pensacola, FL

I just started college to help me earn an officer commission in the Army, but I have been out of school for five years, and it's been hard. I'm a single mother and have to work in addition to school. I love history and reading, but I hated math. Math is horrible, and it takes me a long time to learn.

I asked Reid for help with math because I knew going to class wasn't enough. I didn't understand the teacher. I kept getting stuck on one test, and it was upsetting! I wanted to quit. But Reid believed in me and the way we worked through the problems actually made sense to me. He would watch me work and tell me what I did right. And then another! It felt like I could finally move forward. And with his help, I did pass that test.

Even though Reid is expensive, I know he's a quality tutor. He knows how to make me laugh when I'm frustrated, and he reminds me of how far I've come. I never feel dumb anymore, and I've really gotten more math learned than I ever thought possible. No one else has ever believed in me the way Reid has. I've recommended Reid to many of my friends who need help. School is hard, but with Reid's help, I'm confident I'll reach my dream of becoming an officer in the Army.

- - -

Blake B. (ACT) Pensacola, FL
I really needed to get the Bright Futures scholarship, but my ACT score wasn't even close. I just couldn't figure out how to do any better. I wasn't sure if anything or anyone could help, and his prices were high for sure, but it was coming up on my last two attempts to take the ACT, and I needed to try something. I was feeling a lot of pressure to get the scholarship.

When Reid and I first met, we went over exactly what was tested on the ACT. I was surprised. I hadn't seen this in school! And it was a lot easier than I thought. Once I learned the rules for the ACT, I quickly improved my score. I ended up scheduling twice a week for a month.

Although I made mistakes, Reid would go over each problem and create many examples to help. I asked as many questions as I needed to, which was a lot, and Reid helped me understand them all. When I saw that there was a systematic way to improve, I felt like I could accomplish my goal.

When it came to the test day, I focused all of my energy on what we learned, and I improved by 4 points. I got a composite score of 30, which was over the required 29. I was ecstatic!

I think Reid knew that I wasn't really into studying the ACT. But I am into physics and we were able to build a connection. Although I'm more of a science person, he never let me think that I'd just be bad at any of the other sections. Instead, I felt like he really believed I could learn the material and get the score I needed. Thank you, Reid!


BA Mathematics, Bennington College

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