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I'm Stacy George, MSN, BSN, RN. This means I have a Master's Degree in Nursing (specifically nursing education), a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, and I am a Registered Nurse. I also earned my online teaching certificate November 2017.

You may be thinking "Wow Impressive", well I hope you are lol, but my life has not always been so "impressive".

As a child, I was always known as the "intelligent one"l among my family, church, and parent's friends. I was always on the honor roll and the "teacher's pet" (although NOT by choice).

As I continued to excel academically beyond my peers in each grade, my teachers would have me be the "teaching assistant" since my knowledge was above that grade level. I was never "skipped a grade", my schools said they were "concerned" for my emotional and mental health being around older kids. How thoughtful of them, not really.

Due to this and home life stress I was very frustrated as a child and teen. I did not learn positive coping skills to deal with my feelings. I would just read and read books to escape my world and be sneaky and naughty, who would believe the smart kid did it right? Obviously, I was not popular or well liked by my schoolmates and spent a lot of time alone. I am still quite socially awkward lol.

Long story short, I ended up skipping a lot of school and had to repeat 8th grade due to my absences, yes me, the "smart one". At that point I didn't care, I was a rebel. The next school year the school counselors decided I needed to go to alternative school, where you go to regular school for half of the day, then the bus picks you up and takes you to a "skill center" to learn practical skills like woodworking, typing, and home economics.

I decided to quit school in the 10th grade.

What a disappointment I was for all the concerned grownups, "yawn".

I spent the next 4 years doing whatever I wanted; partying, working odd jobs, crashing on friends couches, staying out the entire night, you get the idea.

After a while I was tired of feeling lonely and burnt out, my life sucked, and I was just sick of it. I signed myself up for GED classes my class had already long graduated.

I earned my GED from the New York Department of Education on July 3, 2000. Five days before my 20th birthday and have not looked back since.

I lost and gained many friends and associates and family too in my pursuit of educating myself, many times I had to be my own cheerleader.
The key is that I did not give up on me, I had enough people in my life who did and I figured getting my education was the best way to give them all the middle finger, and it worked and is still working!

If you have read thus far, Thank You.

I signed up for this role primarily to give back and be a cheerleader for others. My goal is to inspire, mentor, motivate, teach, and be a good listener, so I can be the intervention I wish I had.

If you are here that means you have already completed half of the journey, not giving up on yourself. Your life journey will be filled with challenges, take a break if you must, but do not give up on yourself.

I did it. YES, YOU CAN!



MSN, BSN, RN and many other certifications

Subjects of Expertise

Biology, Physical Science, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Elementary Science (K-6th), Elementary Reading (K-6th), College Counseling, Career Counseling

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