Sami K

Bristow, VA

English Scholar, Algebra Expert, U.S. History Specialist



I am currently a full-time student at Northern Virginia Community College; however, I am only 15. I have proven my academic intellect through my hard work and exceptional competence in subject fields. My young age allows me to even better interact with both young students and older students. Young students would find me more understandable due to our small age gap, which would allow the establishment of a better learning environment. Older students would also find me as the better option, because, as a born teenager in America, I offer the most accurate reflection of today's society.
I have proven expertise in three particular subjects: English, Algebra, and U.S. History. My strongest field is English, in which I have successfully grasped the language in writing, speaking, and reading. I can offer one of the best English lessons to a wide range of audience, from native-born Americans to immigrants. I am especially qualified to teach English because I am also very fluent in a second language: Turkish. It has been scientifically proven that bilingual individuals are "smarter" than monolingual individuals. Because I am bilingual, my cognitive mechanism is stronger, meaning I could multitask and focus quite easily and effectively. I have successfully competed in competitions in essay writing, competitive reading, and poetry writing. I have taken very advanced courses in English at the college-level, finishing with an A. Long story short, I am highly qualified for a job in English tutoring. My second strongest subject is most probably Algebra, in which I am nearly what one could call an expert in the field. I have taken 6 advanced math course at both high school and the college level. I have taken: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Precalculus I, Precalculus II, and Calculus BC. I have won many contests in the mathematics field. I am most definitely a very qualified candidate for tutoring Algebra to students of any age. My third field of expertise is United States History. I have taken history 4 times at both high school and the college level. I have exceptional knowledge of our country's historical background from the early colonial period to the Obama presidency. I have even take the SAT Subject Test for United States History, scoring a 710/800 on a test. In other words, I am qualified to tutor students of any age in the field of United States History.
To sum it all up, I am a very suitable tutor with three main fields of expertise: English, Algebra, and U.S. History. I can effectively tutor students to success in these particular topics. My young age makes me an exceptionally well-qualified candidate, in which my interaction would be more sincere and reflective of our society. I have been in public middle school, public high school, and college, meaning I somewhat can understand the student's situation. I have also been employed at a retail store for 8 months, meaning that I am also very interactive with the outside. I am, indeed, committed to my responsibilities, meaning that your student will not be let down by me. I am very task-allocated, as well, meaning that I will get the job at hand completed with satisfaction. I am qualified and ready to tutor the students.


Actively Pursuing Associates Degree for Political Science

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, U.S. History

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