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I am currently a freshman at Keiser University. I am working towards earning my B.A. degree in Criminal Justice. I plan to pursue a career as a teacher in a juvenile detention facility. I've always loved teaching people new things. As a young child, I would take my old school books and teach my younger siblings upper-classed math. I loved teaching all different subjects, but I was always best at teaching math. I could swiftly find less complex ways to teach lessons, and in no time they were comfortably, efficiently, and effortlessly solving and understanding advanced math concepts. With the many approaches I used tutoring my younger siblings, I found one to stand out more than the others. The most outstanding approach I discovered (which is now my go-to way to tutor) was reinforcing and referring to their prior knowledge. Once I find out their most comfortable learning styles and ways to solve problems, I used that information as the base of how I begin to teach the advanced math. This technique has worked wonders for me. In each year of grade school, I seemed to be more advanced in my grade level's math courses. Once my teachers noticed, they would immediately impose me to tutor my peers. I absolutely enjoyed tutoring kids near and around my age because not only should you understand your students, but building a relationship makes it much easier. Once a student is comfortable with you, they then begin to become relaxed and they trust that you understand them.


Keiser University Freshman; Criminal Justice Major

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Elementary Math (K-6th)

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Adding Fractions with Mutual Denominators

When adding fractions with mutual denominators, you automatically keep the mutual number as your denominator in your solution. To determine the numerator for your solution, you must add the two numerators in the problem.