Julio J

Brownsville, TX

MLA Format, Essays, Government Papers, Research Skills, Mathematics



I have several semesters of College level Tutoring for Drafting specific classes, later as I was doing my Mathematics associates, I was a Tutor for the English Department helping college students with Essays and Research papers. (1 year of Drafting/Basic Math tutoring, 1.3 years of English tutoring)


Associates in Mathematics, Associates in Drafting

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Chemistry, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary

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When to use certain words

Quite a lot of people still seem to have difficulty when or where to apply to, two, too, were, we’re, where, there, their, they’re. Hopefully we can break down some of these to be better understood, and less of a hassle to work with in the future.