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My name is Victoria Egan. I am a sincere person. I have tutored in the english/math fields for young elementary students at Gates Elementary. I love children. And i love it when i see results from what i am teaching.


Honors/ A.P History. Honors English

Subjects of Expertise

Biology, Physical Science, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spanish, Japanese, U.S. History, World History

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2 Tutorials by Victoria E

Hiragana ( Japanese lanuguage part 2, Kanji)

although Hiragana is the main language form used for the japanese launguage, there is two other sets of alphabets that may be uses, one is kanji, which is chinese characters, which is used when you use words that are not used in hiragana. kanji is used to write parts of launguage that are nouns, adjective…

hiragana (japanese alphabet)

there are no “tones” in the japanese language like there are english and other languages. the very first thing youll learn when learning japanese is the alphabet, or Hiragana. there are 5 vowels in the japanese language. “A” pronounced “ah” “E” pronunced “eh” like in the work “Elk” “O” pronounced “oo” and “I” pronounced like…