Nathaniel W

North Hampton, NH

Arabic Linguist



Through the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Mississippi I completed courses in Upper Level Colloquial Egyptian Arabic as well as Arab culture and literature classes. Topics in these courses included reading, speaking and listening comprehension of Arab literature and newspapers, in both Modern Standard Arabic and the Colloquial Egyptian dialect. Assignments in these courses included providing analysis of the material I read in the form of both research papers and presentations in both MSA and the Egyptian dialect.

Since August 2013, I have been studying Modern Standard Arabic as well as the Colloquial Egyptian dialect. From August 2016 to May 2017 I was working as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Mississippi where I provided assistance, tutoring, and administrative support in the Intensive Elementary Arabic courses for the fall and spring semesters. In this capacity, I was responsible for:
• Oversight in the classroom as well as teaching lessons in Modern Standard Arabic.
• Providing assistance in Modern Standard Arabic outside of the classroom in the form of afterhours tutoring
• Administering and proctoring writing and speaking exams in Modern Standard Arabic.
• Collaborating with my Arabic professor on daily lessons which included vocabulary, grammar, and exercises in Modern Standard Arabic
As a result of the nature of my work, I am very comfortable with written and verbal communication skills.

Last year I was a recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship provided by the Department of State. The Critical Language Scholarship provided me the opportunity to strengthen my Arabic language and culture skills by allowing me to study in Tangier, Morocco for eight weeks. The CLS program included instruction in MSA, Arabic Media, and the Maghrebi dialect.

This summer I most recently completed a study abroad program in Manah, Oman, for six weeks as a recipient of the Summer Arabic Language and Media scholarship (SALAM). I received further instruction in Modern Standard Arabic, the Arabic Gulf dialect, as well as further studies in Arabic media and Arab culture.


B.A. Arabic, Minor in Naval Sciences

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