Vocabulary Sentence Building

Brain Booster #2

Vocabulary Sentence Building

Challenge: Use all of the following words in a single, eloquent sentence.

Languid–Slow and relaxed; weak or faint from illness

Diaspora–A scattered population with a common origin in a smaller geographic area

Ambivalent–Having mixed or opposing feelings at the same time

Idyllic–Charming, simple, and carefree

Sanguine–Cheerfully confident; optimistic

How This Boosts Your Brain

This challenge boosts your brain from three angles: vocabulary building, vocabulary usage, and working memory. The benefits of vocabulary building have been expounded time and again (check this article for an insightful view on the topic), but everyday life doesn’t often call on us to use the vocabulary we’ve built. It is even rarer still that we have a chance to integrate multiple high-level words into a single thought. Doing so lets us flex our working-memory muscles. (Learn more about working memory)

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There is no “correct” answer to this challenge. But here is a sample correct answer.

The most fortunate among the diaspora have quickly resettled in the idyllic land of a sanguine people; these once languid refugees surely must feel ambivalent about their lot.

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