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About Our Tutorials

Our tutorials are written by experienced educators, all of whom also offer private tutoring lessons. These tutorials help students get the help they need, either directly via content or indirectly by introducing them to local and online tutors.

Tutorials can be written for a variety of academic subjects, including math, science, English, and test prep. As a tutor on our site, writing tutorials is a great way to demonstrate your subject matter expertise to prospective students. Tutorials you’ve authored will be displayed in your profile and will improve your search ranking.

As a tutorial author, you will also help your fellow tutors within our commission and subscription free community. Your tutorials may attract students that ultimately hire another tutor on the site, as may other tutors’ tutorials attract students that ultimately hire you.

But the true beneficiaries of your tutorials will be the students themselves. Students from around the world will have free access to the knowledge you share. And students might just be introduced to that perfect tutor who helps them turn the corner in their academic lives.

Free Advertising

As an extra incentive to write tutorials, you will receive free advertising space on our tutor search page and in the ad box beneath each tutorial. View examples here and here.

The amount of free advertising received is equal to 1000 ad impressions per tutorial.

Earn Money for Promotion

You can also earn money by promoting your tutorials. For every website you get to link to one of your tutorials, you will receive up to $150 depending on the authority of that site.

  • Domain Authority under 30 – $50
  • Domain Authority 30 – 39 – $100
  • Domain Authority 40+ – $150

(You can check a website’s domain authority with this tool. That tool will also teach you about what domain authority is.)

The best way to get websites to link to your tutorials is by starting a dialogue with the website owner on social media, or by contacting the website owner from their “contact us” page. To find websites related to your tutorial, you can do a Google search for some keywords related to your tutorial.

Pro tip: When contacting website owners, remember to focus on how your tutorial benefits them and their readers. They will help you if your tutorial helps them or their readers.

Please email us at for more info or to request payment.

Where Readers Come From

There are several ways that readers will find your tutorials.

  1. Search Engines – Students will mainly find your tutorials through search engines. For example, a student may search for “remainder sat math” on Google, and end up at this SAT Math remainder tutorial.
  2. Web Referrals – Students might find links to your tutorials from other websites. These sites include social media, blogs, etc. Feel free to share your tutorials across the web.
  3. Your Profile – Parents and/or students viewing your profile will often click on your tutorials to get a better sense of your level of expertise and/or teaching style.
  4. Our Site – Parents and/or students might find your tutorials through various links on our site.

About The Knowledge Roundtable

The Knowledge Roundtable was founded in July 2012 to offer SAT prep classes to students in Exeter, NH. Since then, we have evolved into a tutor connecting service with 85,069 active tutors offering their services. We help tutors connect with parents and students in need of tutoring services.

The Knowledge Roundtable’s founder, Jared Rand, taught and tutored dozens of students in the company’s first years. He now only maintains the website, which serves as a vehicle for the exchange of knowledge between tutors and students.